With A Heavy Heart.

Dear Gardeners,

With a very heavy heart I have something to tell you all.

A bit about me. I am a doctor based in  Delhi who happens to be a passionate gardener as well. This was a startup out of my passion.Due to recent developments, me being selected for higher studies (MD) as well as logistics issues in this Covid 19 era, I will be suspending my website (temporarily ofcourse) .

In the meanwhile I will be working to move all my operations to New Delhi and put in place a more robust team. At this moment I am not being able to keep to meet the demands ofmy customers. I have always believed in either a quality service or no service at all.

It was very nice serving you all . Believe me, we will be back with a bang.

Thanking you ALL,

Dr. Shahnawaz Barnard (Founder, GardeningKart)
Mr. Imran Sheikh ( Co Founder, GardeningKart)

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